100 Pics Answers and Cheats

100 Pics answers are here to help you beat the entire game! Made by Poptacular LLC, the same developers that brought you Catchphrase Quiz and Word Search Pics, 100 Pics is a tough–and big–picture puzzle game that tests your knowledge of a wide variety of topics. Though it’s an exceptionally hard game, sites like 100 Pics Quiz Answers are here to help you beat every pack.
100 pics quiz answers
To play 100 Pics, players download the app to their iPhone or Android smartphone. They then open the app and begin playing. Play consists of identifying the object or being in a given picture and typing it into the provided blanks with a scrambled bank of letters under the picture.

Like many picture quiz games, 100 Pics is divided into packs of levels. Each pack has a particular category, so you can take specific quizzes depending on your interests. You’ll never have to spend time on a puzzle you’re not interested in (unless you’re trying to get coins to buy more packs). The first three packs are free, and contain trivia about famous brand logos, celebrities, and animals. These packs give you a leg up in terms of coins. For every answer you get right, you’ll earn coins that you can use to buy new packs on subjects like candy, game shows, and words ending in “ING.”

Of course, that’s not all you can use coins for. Coins are also useful for buying hints in the game. If players cannot figure out a given answer, they can spend a certain amount of coins to remove unneeded letter from the bank or to reveal a correct letter in the answer. However, this will naturally take away from the amount of coins the player has to spend on other level packs. Coins can also be purchased with real money, but many players don’t want to pour their hard-earned wages into 100 Pics. These players are greatly helped by sites like 100PicsQuizAnswers.com, which provide answers for every level of the game. Visit them when you need some help getting through a difficult pack.

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