Icomania Character Answers Pt 8

Icomania answers and cheats to Character Pt 8 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers Kermit IcoMania Answers Green Lantern IcoMania Answers Hell Boy
Hint: The face of a green frog with big white eyes, a red mouth and green collar.
Hint: A green omega or circle symbol in a white and green circle with spikes.
Hint: Large red eyes with side burns and goatee.
IcoMania Answers Picard IcoMania Answers Hercules IcoMania Answers D'Artagnan
Hint: A bald man with grey around the side of his hair with a blue background.
Hint: A buff man flexing in front of the clouds.
Hint: A man holding a sword wearing a black hat with a red feather.

IcoMania Answers McCoy IcoMania Answers Severus Snape IcoMania Answers V
Hint: A man with blue hair and small brown eyebrows.
Hint: A man with long black greasy hair, pale, and a black turtleneck.
Hint: The face of a clown or mime with pink cheeks.
IcoMania Answers Huckle Berry IcoMania Answers Lois Lane IcoMania Answers The Flash
Hint: A young bow in a straw hat on a canoe.
Hint: A red heart with the letter S inside.
Hint: A yellow lightning bolt in a white circle on a red background.
IcoMania Answers Magneto IcoMania Answers Doctor IcoMania Answers Baloo
Hint: An orange helmeted with a purple and black fin.
Hint: A man with brown hair and a brown suit and tie in front of a green background.
Hint: A large blue bear with a yellow background.

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