Icomania Character Answers Pt 9

Icomania answers and cheats to Character Pt 9 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers Agent Smith IcoMania Answers Marv IcoMania Answers Daffy Duck
Hint: A man with small black sunglasses in a suit.
Hint: A man with cross stich bandages on his face.
Hint: A large orange beak.
IcoMania Answers The Grinch IcoMania Answers Blade IcoMania Answers Buzz Lightyear
Hint: A furry green creature with dark eyebrows.
Hint: The side profile of a man with sunglasses and a goatte.
Hint: The face of a character wearing a green and purple shirt.

IcoMania Answers Felix The Cat IcoMania Answers Jessica Rabbit IcoMania Answers Lilo
Hint: A black and white cat.
Hint: A woman with red hair, gloves, and a tight pink dress.
Hint: A small young girl with long black hair.
IcoMania Answers Jigsaw IcoMania Answers Jason  Bourne IcoMania Answers Ferris Bueller
Hint: A scary face of a man with a red lips and bowtie and circles on his cheeks and black eyes.
Hint: A man with a black t-shirt and a bow.
Hint: A man with a grey and black sweater on with wavey black hair
IcoMania Answers Puss In Boots IcoMania Answers Shaggy IcoMania Answers Mary Poppins
Hint: A cat sitting with a plus sign next to it and a boot
Hint: A skinny person with brown hair and a green t-shirt
Hint: A woman in black holding an umbrella

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