Icomania Famous People Answers Pt 4

Icomania answers and cheats to Famous People Pt 4 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers John Travolta IcoMania Answers JFK IcoMania Answers Julia Roberts
Hint: Man with long brown hair and gold earring.
Hint: Man in black and white suit in front of American flag.
Hint: Woman with long brown hair and big smile.
IcoMania Answers Robert De Niro IcoMania Answers Timberlake IcoMania Answers Jamie Foxx
Hint: Man with grey hair and mole on his face.
Hint: Man with fedora and scruffy facial hair.
Hint: Black man with brown shirt.

IcoMania Answers Jennifer lopez IcoMania Answers George W Bush IcoMania Answers Tiger Woods
Hint: Singer with large butt or behind in white pants.
Hint: Profiel of a president with greyish brown hair.
Hint: Black golfer wearing black hat and holding a club.
IcoMania Answers Bruce Willis IcoMania Answers Britney Spears IcoMania Answers Anthony Hopkins
Hint: Man with scratch on his face holding a gun.
Hint: A woman with long brown hair in pink pigtails and a grey a sweater and white oxford shirt
Hint: A man with grey hair and black shirt holding a brown mask
IcoMania Answers Daniel Craig IcoMania Answers Cameron Diaz IcoMania Answers Cate Blanchett
Hint: A man with short brown hair wearing a suit with a black tie
Hint: A woman with long blondish hair and white teeth wearing a black dress
Hint: A woman with blonde hair that’s tied back and grey dress

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  1. aryanne says:

    Hermine et mal ecrit j’arrive pa a avoir la reponse merci d me repondre

  2. anonymous says:

    Man with a green hat and green dress with a moustache from army or police? Answer ?

  3. trendi k says:

    Man with short black hair black and white suit with red tie