Icomania Famous People Answers Pt 6

Icomania answers and cheats to Famous People Pt 6 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers Megan Fox IcoMania Answers Sandra Bullock IcoMania Answers Aniston
Hint: A woman with long black hair, andf dark lips with no other facial featuresa
Hint: A woman with long brown hair, lips and eyeliner, and a gold hoop in her ear
Hint: A woman with brownish/blonde hair, wearing a shiney dress with her arms exposed
IcoMania Answers Nelson Mandela IcoMania Answers Streisand IcoMania Answers Uma Thurman
Hint: A pink background and a dark skinned man with grey hair and a shirt with designs going across
Hint: A woman with blonde hair, a uniquely shaped face, and wearing a black shirt
Hint: A woman with blonde hair, wearing an all black suit, with a sword behind her back

IcoMania Answers Leslie Nielsen IcoMania Answers Hitchcock IcoMania Answers George Lucas
Hint: A man with white hair wearing a suit and pointing a gun
Hint: A grey background with the shadow of a man in black with a bald head
Hint: A man with grey hair and a grey beared with wired glasses and a black coat
IcoMania Answers Patrcik Swayze IcoMania Answers Ben Stiller IcoMania Answers Michael J. Fox
Hint: A man wearing a black shirt with brown wavy hair
Hint: A man with greyish black hair and wearing a dark suit and tie
Hint: A man with brown hair and a black jacket on
IcoMania Answers Kevin Spacey IcoMania Answers Dalai Lama IcoMania Answers Zidane
Hint: A man with short black hair wearing a white shirt and black jacket
Hint: A man wearing a red robe and yellow shirt with wired rim glasses
Hint: A man knocking his head in to another player

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