Icomania TV & Movie Answers Pt 4

Icomania answers and cheats to TV and Movie Pt 4 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers Up IcoMania Answers Ted IcoMania Answers Monsters Inc
Hint: Bouquet of colored ballons.
Hint: Large teddy bear.
Hint: Blue M with eye in the middle.
IcoMania Answers Cars IcoMania Answers Madagascar IcoMania Answers Inception
Hint: Red bumper with eyes and smile.
Hint: Helmet with green fan and wings.
Hint: Spinning dradle and swirls.

IcoMania Answers Kung Fu Panda IcoMania Answers X-Men IcoMania Answers Sin  City
Hint: Panda doing karate.
Hint: Five people and one in the middle has a red stripe across its face, and two hands with blades coming out
Hint: A red spot behind a grid in the right corner and a man with white bandages over his face
IcoMania Answers Da Vinci Code IcoMania Answers Incredibles IcoMania Answers Tron
Hint: A figure with its arms extended with a gold
Hint: A red background with a black face mask and a yellow “I” in the middle with a black circle
Hint: A black object with a circle in the middle with a yellow line going around it and all yellow and orange behind it
IcoMania Answers Charlie's Angels IcoMania Answers AVP IcoMania Answers The Mummy
Hint: An orange and yellow background with three women popping out from all directions holding guns and doing karate moves
Hint: An alien with something coming out of its mouth and a red triangle
Hint: A person wrapped in cloth with a brwon triangle behind them

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  1. artsmak says:

    Orange background, black shape of man holding gun walking up steps, first word is 5 letters starting with B, second word is six letters