Icomania TV & Movie Answers Pt 5

Icomania answers and cheats to TV and Movie Pt 5 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers Walking Dead IcoMania Answers Die Hard IcoMania Answers The Sixth Sense
Hint: A zombie with blood coming out of its mouth and a man pointing a gun behind them.
Hint: A man with no facial features, wearing a brown shirt with a brown strap on the side, a yellow and white explosion in the back.
Hint: The number six on fire, with a person standing in the middle
IcoMania Answers Brave Heart IcoMania Answers Borat IcoMania Answers Mulder and Scully
Hint: Blue strikes and splattered blood with a sword handle showing
Hint: A hairy man with a mustache and black sunglasses, wearing a green bathingsuit that is very exposing
Hint: A man and a woman wearing suits, in the woods with trees and two spotlights crossing in the sky

IcoMania Answers Rocky IcoMania Answers Columbo IcoMania Answers Gladiator
Hint: A man in a grey suit and black hat with his arm and fist in the air
Hint: A man with greyish hair and his hand is on his forehead, and he’s wearing a sandy colored raincoat
Hint: A man in a armored suit, holding a suit inside of a arena
IcoMania Answers Scarface IcoMania Answers Edward IcoMania Answers The Green Mile
Hint: An outline of a man in black and white, holding a machine gun
Hint: A person with long stringy hair, in a black outfit, holding up a three blades
Hint: A dark man wearing a white t-shirt and blue overalls, and he has a gold halo above his head
IcoMania Answers Shutter Island IcoMania Answers Miami Vice IcoMania Answers Ratatouille
Hint: An island with buldings and yellow lights and a lighthouse
Hint: Two figures dressed in bright outfits on a bright blue floor with a pink crosshair
Hint: A mouse with peach colored ears and nose

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  1. imsoannoyedrightnow says:

    Does anyone know the answer for pic 403 its a tv and movi

  2. Linda Bridgeo says:

    Need Help! been stuck on this forever..a skeleton dressed as a pirate…black background…pirate outlined in white…?? go figure