Icomania TV & Movie Answers Pt 7

Icomania answers and cheats to TV and Movie Pt 7 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers Karate Kid IcoMania Answers Homeland IcoMania Answers The Sopranos
Hint: An orange background with a person kicking his leg up
Hint: The letters M E L in yellow
Hint: An image on a man in a tuxedo, a red gun, and a group of people standing behind him.
IcoMania Answers Frasier IcoMania Answers CSI IcoMania Answers Hannah Montana
Hint: The black and white outline of a city.
Hint: A large white S with a green background and yellow tape.
Hint: A girl with long blonde hair wearing a purple shirt.

IcoMania Answers Monk IcoMania Answers Good Fellas IcoMania Answers Gran Torino
Hint: A man with black hair giving holding his pointer finger.
Hint: Three men standing back to back in black suits.
Hint: A man holding a rifle gun standing in front of a car.
IcoMania Answers Gilmore Girls IcoMania Answers King of Queens IcoMania Answers Futurama
Hint: The letters r,e and g.
Hint: A green rectangle box with a gold crown.
Hint: A space shuttle or ship that’s green and red.
IcoMania Answers Pans Labyrinth IcoMania Answers American Beauty IcoMania Answers Fight Club
Hint: The face of a scary monster mask with long brown hair.
Hint: A bellybutton and a red rose.
Hint: A red bar of soap with bubbles.

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