Icon Pop Mania Famous People

All answers, cheats, and hints for Icon Pop Mania Famous People for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.

IcoMania Answers Michael Jackson IcoMania Answers PSY IcoMania Answers Charlie Chaplin
Outline of a man dancing in the spotlight.
A man with small lips and big round black sunglasses with yellow backdrop.
A black top hat, a black cane, and dancing shoes.
IcoMania Answers Albert Einstein IcoMania Answers Michael Jordan IcoMania Answers Muhammad Ali
The formula E = mc squared.
A red jersey with the number 23.
A man wearing red boxing gloves and white shorts.

IcoMania Answers Steve Jobs IcoMania Answers Elvis Presley IcoMania Answers Obama
A hand holding an iPhone.
The face of a white man with black hair and a purple background.
The outline of a man’s face in red white and blue.
IcoMania Answers Marilyn Monroe IcoMania Answers Neil Armstrong IcoMania Answers Bob Marley
The outline of a woman with a flowy skirt.
An astronaut on the moon with an American flag.
A green yellow and red flag with a man with black dreads, a Jamaican flag.

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