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Icon Pop QuizBackgammon Icon Pop QuizBattleship Icon Pop QuizCheckers
div class = “icpm-hint”>Two white triangles with red or back circles flanking a brown triangle div class = “icpm-hint”>A ship with two towers div class = “icpm-hint”>Red and white squares with red and black circular pieces
Icon Pop QuizChess Icon Pop QuizDominos Icon Pop QuizMahjong
div class = “icpm-hint”>Black and white checkers div class = “icpm-hint”>Black and grey squares with red dots div class = “icpm-hint”>On a white rectangle: red arrow crossing over a red rectangle

Icon Pop QuizMancala Icon Pop QuizMonopoly Icon Pop QuizReversi
div class = “icpm-hint”>White circles inside of orange circles div class = “icpm-hint”>A man with a mustache div class = “icpm-hint”>White and black circles on a green backdrop
Icon Pop QuizScrabble Icon Pop QuizChinese Checkers Icon Pop QuizShogi
div class = “icpm-hint”>A black Z with a supscript 10 div class = “icpm-hint”>A six-pointed star with red, blue and green tips. div class = “icpm-hint”>A chinese symbol on a beige house-shape
Icon Pop QuizSnakes and Ladders Icon Pop QuizLudo Icon Pop QuizSudoku
div class = “icpm-hint”>Yellow scales on a green backdrop and an orange ladder div class = “icpm-hint”>An orange square divided into four parts with one red circle, one yellow, one blue and one green. Each circle has four white circles in the middle div class = “icpm-hint”>A 3×3 grid with the numbers 7, 4, 1, 2, and 9
Icon Pop QuizTic-Tac-Toe
div class = “icpm-hint”>A red X anda red O

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