Trivia Crack Answers and Cheats

It’s the hottest way to show how much smarter you are than everyone else–Trivia Crack! It’s also the new app game from Etermax, and it’s already made its way to the top of the charts in the iTunes store. Trivia Crack lets you play a dangerous game of wits against your friends (or a random stranger), answering trivia questions ranging from “Who painted the Mona Lisa?” to “What do you call the largest stars in the galaxy?” (Leonardo Da Vinci and red hypergiants, by the way!) Trivia Crack gives you four multiple choice answers for each question and 30 seconds to make your decision, but there’s all kinds of fun twists thrown in–boosts like extra time, bombs that blow up wrong answers, and extra spins of Willy the Wheel to choose a new category that you know a bit better. This is a game, not an episode of Jeopardy! It’s supposed to be fun!

trivia crack answers cheats

The object of the game is to answer enough questions to fill your Crown Meter, which then lets you pick one of the six Trivia Crack characters to add to your collection. When your collection is complete, you win! If you’re behind, though, don’t fret–a full Crown Meter can also unlock Challenge Mode, where you can steal one of your opponent’s characters in a fast-paced, head-to-head trivia battle! It’s a whole barrel of cerebral fun, so try it out from the app store.

Now, brass tacks: what if you’re terrible at geography? Or science? You can get some backup at Trivia Crack Answers and Cheats, where we list the answers to hundreds of Trivia Crack questions, easily searchable! Brush up on the countries that neighbor Luxembourg (Belgium, France, Germany), or the element that bonds with sodium to make salt (chlorine). Trivia Crack Answers and Cheats is in your corner, leveling the playing field against those eggheads who know the exact year that the Crusades started (1096).

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