Icomania City Answers Pt 2

Icomania answers and cheats to City Pt 2 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers Cairo IcoMania Answers Tokyo IcoMania Answers Beijing
Hint: Egyptian pyramids
Hint: City buildings with pink trees.
Hint: Oriental building with picture of dictator on the front.
IcoMania Answers Los Angeles IcoMania Answers Seoul IcoMania Answers Boston
Hint: Large H and O on a hill, Hollywood sign.
Hint: Eifferl tower, shiny lights, colored buildings.
Hint: People dressed as Indians throwing wooden boxes off of a wooden ship.

IcoMania Answers Mecca IcoMania Answers Houston IcoMania Answers Amsterdam
Hint: A bunch of people in white robes walking past a black box with a white stripe on the bottom
Hint: A Nasa Space ship on an orange rod
Hint: A bunch of red houses stacked together with a boat on the water, and a railing in front of everything
IcoMania Answers Istanbul IcoMania Answers Cape Town IcoMania Answers Toronto
Hint: A red sky with a white moon and star over a brown bridge and sandy city
Hint: Greyish buildings with green trees and mountains behind them
Hint: A leaf above a city with a silve tower and yellow building and a white dome on the bottom
IcoMania Answers Bueno Aires IcoMania Answers Miami IcoMania Answers Jerusalem
Hint: A blue and white flag with a sun in the middle, under a silver object
Hint: A blue background with pink buildings and a palm tree hanging over
Hint: A grey wall with a grey tower behind it and a blue bluilding with a gold top

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