Icomania Level 12 Answers

Icomania answers and cheats to level 12 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers The Green Mile IcoMania Answers AMD IcoMania Answers Two Face
Hint: A dark man wearing a white t-shirt and blue overalls, and he has a gold halo above his head
Hint: Black letter D next to a green symbol
Hint: A man with two different faces
IcoMania Answers Laurel & Hardy IcoMania Answers Shutter Island IcoMania Answers Miami Vice
Hint: Two men wearing suits and a bowl hat and one is bigger than the other and has a mustache
Hint: An island with buldings and yellow lights and a lighthouse
Hint: Two figures dressed in bright outfits on a bright blue floor with a pink crosshair

IcoMania Answers Calvin Klein IcoMania Answers Roger Rabbit IcoMania Answers Nissan
Hint: A white background with black lettering that shows half a “v” and then and “in” and then a “k.”
Hint: A white bunny with a blue and yellow pockadot tie and a red and white shirt
Hint: A white background with red lettering spelling “NISS.”
IcoMania Answers Rolls Royce IcoMania Answers Leslie Nielsen IcoMania Answers Hitchcock
Hint: A silver background with two black R’s in the middle
Hint: A man with white hair wearing a suit and pointing a gun
Hint: A grey background with the shadow of a man in black with a bald head
IcoMania Answers Smart IcoMania Answers Luke Skywalker IcoMania Answers DHL
Hint: A grey half circle and a yellow triangle on the side
Hint: A man in a white robe with his arms crossed and two yellow suns behind him
Hint: A yellow background with red lettering

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