Icomania Level 15 Answers Pt 3

Icomania answers and cheats to level 15 Pt 3 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers Thomas Edison IcoMania Answers The OC IcoMania Answers Twenty Four
Hint: A shining light bulb.
Hint: The Letter O and C.
Hint: The orange numbers 2 and 4.
IcoMania Answers Princess Diana IcoMania Answers Ronald Reagan IcoMania Answers Whirlpool
Hint: A woman wearing a white crown and pearl earrings.
Hint: A man in a blue suit, red tie, with grey and brown hair.
Hint: A large black W underneath a swirly circle.

IcoMania Answers Robin Williams IcoMania Answers The Flash IcoMania Answers Pierce Brosnan
Hint: A man wearing a maroon jacket and black shirt with grey tie.
Hint: A yellow lightning bolt in a white circle on a red background.
Hint: A man with a black shirt and grey and black hair.
IcoMania Answers V for Vendetta IcoMania Answers Roger Moore IcoMania Answers Valve
Hint: A red circle with a V in the middle.
Hint: A mean wearing a white jacket and black bow tie.
Hint: A grey E and V in a white and grey box.
IcoMania Answers Nip Tuck IcoMania Answers The Big Lebowski IcoMania Answers Smallville
Hint: A scalpel or needle cutting into skin.
Hint: A large maroon bowling ball.
Hint: A man wearing a black Superman shirt.
IcoMania Answers Magneto IcoMania Answers Seinfeld IcoMania Answers Doctor
Hint: An orange helmeted with a purple and black fin.
Hint: A man in front of red curtains wearing a black vest.
Hint: A man with brown hair and a brown suit and tie in front of a green background.

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