Icomania Level 2 Answers

Icomania answers and cheats to level 2 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers Darth Vader IcoMania Answers Avatar IcoMania Answers Johnny Depp
Hint: Black metal mask with triangle mouth.
Hint: Blue alien with yellow eyes.
Hint: Man with hat, sunglasses, and gotte.
IcoMania Answers Egypt IcoMania Answers Aladdin IcoMania Answers Homer
Hint: Ancient pyramids
Hint: Golden genie lamp.
Hint: Homer Simpson, yellow face with big brown mouth.

IcoMania Answers Ice Age IcoMania Answers ET IcoMania Answers Spiderman
Hint: An acorn on the snow, cracked ice.
Hint: Brown alien with a red heart and pointer finger.
Hint: Red spider in web.
IcoMania Answers Windows IcoMania Answers Ikea IcoMania Answers Pinocchio
Hint: Window panels.
Hint: Four blue squares in a yellow oval.
Hint: Boy with long extended nose.
IcoMania Answers Flint-Stones IcoMania Answers Sydney IcoMania Answers Master Card
Hint: Orange and black spotted shirt with blue tie.
Hint: Sydney opera house, three white shapes with blue background.
Hint: Red and orange circles.

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    ummm whats the one with a white cross and a red background on level ?????

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    Robot W/ sunglasses and boe Band/musician

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    windows.in..brand on level 5 …no where to be found!