Icomania Level 8 Answers

Icomania answers and cheats to level 8 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android. Find all the hints you need to help you guess the icon on your screen. Icomania levels have 6 different categories: Brand, Character, City, Country, Famous People, and TV & Movies. Use the letters provided by the game to enter the answer and advance to the next level. If you are stuck on a level of Icomania, just use our Icomania answers to help you beat the game!

IcoMania Answers Jungle Book IcoMania Answers Brazil IcoMania Answers Eastpak
Hint: Dancing bear in the jungle with little boy.
Hint: Woman in a bikini with stomach and hips showing
Hint: Red and black globe
IcoMania Answers Gollum IcoMania Answers Breaking Bad IcoMania Answers North Face
Hint: Scary alien looking creature
Hint: Chemical compounds Br and Ba
Hint: Black and white arches

IcoMania Answers Netherlands IcoMania Answers Maserati IcoMania Answers Bert
Hint: Windmills under the clouds
Hint: Black arrow pointing upwards
Hint: Yellow face with black spiky hair and big orange nose.
IcoMania Answers Cairo IcoMania Answers Tokyo IcoMania Answers Hulk
Hint: Egyptian pyramids
Hint: City buildings with pink trees.
Hint: large green abs and stomach with purple pants.
IcoMania Answers Jackie Chan IcoMania Answers Big Bang Theory IcoMania Answers Magnum
Hint: Asian man with white t-shirt.
Hint: Big Bang Theory
Hint: Man with brown mustache and blue shirt.

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