Icon Pop Mania Famous People Part 3

All answers, cheats, and hints for Icon Pop Mania Famous People Part 3 for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.

IcoMania Answers Rihanna IcoMania Answers Maradona IcoMania Answers Will Smith
Umbrella in the rain
A green background with a soccer jersey on and bushy-black hair
A brown background with a black man and a black beard
IcoMania Answers Johnny Depp IcoMania Answers Cr7 IcoMania Answers Paris Hilton
A man with long brown hair and trendy glass
A re soccer jersey with a blue stripe on the side
A red background with a woman with blonde hair holding a small dog.

IcoMania Answers Madonna IcoMania Answers Snoop Dogg IcoMania Answers Beyonce
A woman with blonde hair squatting.
A man with pigtails and a diamond earring
A woman pointing at her hand with a ring on it
IcoMania Answers Nicki Minaj IcoMania Answers Katy Perry
A blue background with a woman with yellow and purple hair
A pink background with a woman laying down with purple hair

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