Icon Pop Mania Level 3

All answers, cheats, and hints for Icon Pop Mania Level 3 for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.

IcoMania Answers Steve Jobs IcoMania Answers Netherlands IcoMania Answers The Flin Stones
A hand holding an iPhone.
A brown wooden windmill.
A man carrying and riding in a two-wheeled carriage.
IcoMania Answers Pepsi IcoMania Answers Elvis Presley IcoMania Answers Transformers
Red white and blue swirls.
The face of a white man with black hair and a purple background.
A black machine figure with a grey background.

IcoMania Answers The Simpsons IcoMania Answers Obama IcoMania Answers Tweety
A family of yellow people one with large blue hair.
The outline of a man’s face in red white and blue.
The face of a yellow bird with long eyelashes.
IcoMania Answers Toyota IcoMania Answers Ghost Buster IcoMania Answers Star Trek
Two red circles or ovals in a large circle.
A white ghost in a red circle with a dash going through it.
A grey space shuttle.

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  1. jilll says:

    what is from tv & movies the one with A MAN AND A OLD BIKE? srry for caps

  2. Unknown says:

    Here’s the brand for Search and Lucky???

  3. Unknown says:

    I mean, WHERE???