Icon Pop Quiz Answers Spooky Characters

Icon Pop QuizChucky Icon Pop QuizFaun Icon Pop QuizFreddy Krueger
div class = “icpm-hint”>boy with striped shirt and overalls div class = “icpm-hint”>blue demon with horns div class = “icpm-hint”>freckled boy with hat and striped shirt
Icon Pop QuizGhostface Icon Pop QuizHannibal Lecter Icon Pop QuizJack Skellington
div class = “icpm-hint”>ghost ghoul reaper mask div class = “icpm-hint”>knife over man’s brain div class = “icpm-hint”>jack nightmare before christmas

Icon Pop QuizJack Torrance Icon Pop QuizJason Vorhees Icon Pop QuizBilly the Puppet
div class = “icpm-hint”>man holding axe div class = “icpm-hint”>man in ski mask with bloody knife div class = “icpm-hint”>scary white face
Icon Pop QuizLeatherface Icon Pop QuizMartian Girl Icon Pop QuizPennywise
div class = “icpm-hint”>man with scarred face holding chainsaw div class = “icpm-hint”>blonde woman in pink dress div class = “icpm-hint”>clown with sharp teeth
Icon Pop QuizPinhead Icon Pop QuizSally Icon Pop QuizSamara Morgan
div class = “icpm-hint”>face with pins div class = “icpm-hint”>girl nightmare before christmas div class = “icpm-hint”>woman with hair covering half of face
Icon Pop QuizSlimmer
div class = “icpm-hint”>green alien

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