Icomania Character Answers Pt 7

Icomania answers and cheats to Character Pt 7 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers Flipper IcoMania Answers The Brain IcoMania Answers Captain Kirk
Hint: A dolphin in the ocean
Hint: A white mouse with a red nose
Hint: A man wearing a mustard colored sweater and brown hair
IcoMania Answers Falkor IcoMania Answers Yoda IcoMania Answers Ankin
Hint: An animal with a white hair and dark brown eyes
Hint: A green person wearing a sandy colored robe
Hint: A person in a brown robe and hood with a scar over his eye

IcoMania Answers Lassie IcoMania Answers Sonic IcoMania Answers Catwoman
Hint: A dog with black and brown hair and its tongue sticking out
Hint: A blue character with spikey hair and white eyes and a black nose
Hint: A woman dressed in a black outfit
IcoMania Answers Data IcoMania Answers Dracula IcoMania Answers Splinter
Hint: A person with a very pale face wearing a black and yellow space suit
Hint: A person with white fangs wearing a black and red outfit
Hint: A rat in a red robe
IcoMania Answers Boba Fett IcoMania Answers He Man IcoMania Answers Aragon
Hint: A black T shaped belt in blue legging pants.
Hint: A man with long blonde hair and a silver and red vest.
Hint: A sword, a dove hanging from a necklace, a green and brown vest.

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