Icomania Level 10 Answers

Icomania answers and cheats to level 10 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers X-Men IcoMania Answers Britney Spears IcoMania Answers Sin  City
Hint: Five people and one in the middle has a red stripe across its face, and two hands with blades coming out
Hint: A woman with long brown hair in pink pigtails and a grey a sweater and white oxford shirt
Hint: A red spot behind a grid in the right corner and a man with white bandages over his face
IcoMania Answers Boston IcoMania Answers Anthony Hopkins IcoMania Answers Norway
Hint: People dressed as Indians throwing wooden boxes off of a wooden ship.
Hint: A man with grey hair and black shirt holding a brown mask
Hint: A red house with a blue rook on green grass

IcoMania Answers Discovery IcoMania Answers Maximus IcoMania Answers Mecca
Hint: A blue stripe with a blue round shape off to the right and black letters on top
Hint: A man with a brown beard and silver mask covering his face
Hint: A bunch of people in white robes walking past a black box with a white stripe on the bottom
IcoMania Answers Pixar IcoMania Answers Da Vinci Code IcoMania Answers Daniel Craig
Hint: A blue background and lamp facing forward
Hint: A figure with its arms extended with a gold
Hint: A man with short brown hair wearing a suit with a black tie
IcoMania Answers Cameron Diaz IcoMania Answers Houston IcoMania Answers Incredibles
Hint: A woman with long blondish hair and white teeth wearing a black dress
Hint: A Nasa Space ship on an orange rod
Hint: A red background with a black face mask and a yellow “I” in the middle with a black circle

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Comments (17)

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a man with blood running down his chin. A shadow of another man is behind him with a pistol, about to shoot him (blood guy) . Maybe a western film I think. Can anyone help me, please? I can’t find the answer for it anywhere!

  2. sophia says:

    Just look on google !!!!!!!!

  3. Skater girl says:

    I can’t find this brand on level 3 it’s a yellow oval with 2 rectangles , a square , and a skinny rectangle that are blue. Please help me!!!!!!

  4. chow pang says:

    This game is shit