Icomania Brand Answers Pt 7

Icomania answers and cheats to Brand Pt 7 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers L'Oreal IcoMania Answers Blizzard IcoMania Answers Nescafe
Hint: The letter L with an apostrophe and accented e.
Hint: A black background with two
Hint: A white background with an E and an S under a black line going straight above
IcoMania Answers IBM IcoMania Answers Braun IcoMania Answers Play Station
Hint: A white background with blue and white stripes creating letters
Hint: A white background with three black letters showing, and the one in the middle is bigger
Hint: A green triangle, a purple square, and orange circle, and a blue x

IcoMania Answers UPS IcoMania Answers Volvo IcoMania Answers Oral B
Hint: A brown shield with gold lettering
Hint: A silver circle with an arrow pointing to the right corner and blue stripe going through
Hint: A white background with a blue around it and a white “O”
IcoMania Answers Siemens IcoMania Answers Pringles IcoMania Answers Bayer
Hint: A white background with the letters “S and “I” in aqua green
Hint: An oval shaped cartoon face with a brown mustache and brown hair, with a red tie
Hint: A green and blue circle with a grey cross in the middle
IcoMania Answers Armani IcoMania Answers Cisco IcoMania Answers Allianz
Hint: A G and an A with “Gio” read on one side, and “Ani” on the otherside
Hint: Blue lines and red squares below
Hint: A white background with blue letters. One showing Z and a circle with three lines in the middle

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