Icomania Level 5 Answers Pt 2

Icomania answers and cheats to level 5 Pt 2 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers Excel IcoMania Answers Chuck Norris IcoMania Answers Tom & Jerry
Hint: Green and white “X”
Hint: Man with brown shaggy beard and white shirt.
Hint: Cartoon cat and mouse.
IcoMania Answers Garfield IcoMania Answers Dumbo IcoMania Answers Tom Hanks
Hint: Orange cat with yellow whiskers.
Hint: Large pink ears with yellow hat.
Hint: Man with black hair and grey sideburns.

IcoMania Answers Blackberry IcoMania Answers Kanye West IcoMania Answers Ariel
Hint: Seven black dots.
Hint: Black man with sunglasses and white t-shirt.
Hint: Mermaid with red hair sitting on a rock.
IcoMania Answers Dolby IcoMania Answers Germany IcoMania Answers Hermine
Hint: Two black boxes next to eachother.
Hint: A cartoon drawing of a beer.
Hint: A person with long brown hair and she is wearing a red and yellow stripped scarf with a navy blue shirt.
IcoMania Answers Marylin Manson IcoMania Answers Marylin Monroe IcoMania Answers Scrooge Mcduck
Hint: A man with long black hair and black sunglasses.
Hint: A woman with blodne hair and red lips with a black mole on the side.
Hint: A man with a top hat and white eyes behind a yellow background.

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  1. mary randolph says:

    level 5 answer is Hermine, but there are 8 spaces, character, person with long brown hair wearing a red and yellow stripped scarf with a navy blue shirt

  2. Gk says:


  3. Gk says:

    It’s HermiOne

  4. muds says:

    ok so im stuck on this one

  5. muds says:

    So im stuck on leel 4 letter 97! FRICK! its so hard! Please help me! x 😉

  6. Linda Bridgeo says:

    ok I’m on level 5 brands..can’t get or find the answer to..blue outlined window panes..

  7. Linda Bridgeo says:


  8. TrippMachine says:

    It is spelled marilyn monroe

  9. TrippMachine says:

    You messed up marilyn manson’s name too.