Icomania TV & Movie Answers Pt 6

Icomania answers and cheats to TV and Movie Pt 6 of Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

IcoMania Answers The Departed IcoMania Answers Aviator IcoMania Answers I, Robot
Hint: A man wearing a black hat and red glasses and smiling
Hint: A man in a suit and tie in front of two airplanes
Hint: A blue figure with no face and mechanical arms
IcoMania Answers Game of Thrones IcoMania Answers Top Gun IcoMania Answers The Ring
Hint: A throne with swords on it
Hint: An airplane with sunglasses on it in front of a red and white stripped background
Hint: A black background with a silver ring

IcoMania Answers The Lorax IcoMania Answers ER IcoMania Answers Galactica
Hint: An orange backgroun with a yellow mustache
Hint: A man smiling with a blue shirt and black stephoscope
Hint: Two silver space ships flying in Space
IcoMania Answers Transporter IcoMania Answers Speed IcoMania Answers Ninja Turtles
Hint: A man with short brown hair wearing a suit and in standing in front of a car
Hint: A bus flying in the air
Hint: Four different colored eye masks in front of a green background
IcoMania Answers Blood Diamond IcoMania Answers Cast Away IcoMania Answers The Shining
Hint: A grey background with a red diamond with blood dripping down
Hint: A volleyball with a red hand print on it
Hint: A man breaking through a door and yelling

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